Sunday 05-06-18

Ride past cranberry bogs and gentle farmscapes as we cruise to the other “south shore.”  Generally, we only let them refer to it as the south coast.  Stop for coffee in Marion near the waterfront.  Course is 50 miles.  Features several long segments with good pavement.  Ride pasthalifax map 05-01-18 Paris-Roubiax(LaFrance Street), but not ride over the cobbles.

Roll at 9AM, sharp.  Meet at the Cumberland Farms.  292 Plymouth Street, Halifax, MA.

Time to wear the summer jerseys with arm warmers.  No more jackets!




Night Rider 05-01-18

In 2017 I rolled in the dark night with the Halifax Night Rider chasing a strava segment.  Here is the latest update from him.

The serenity and stillness of the night beckons the soul of The Halifax Night Rider.  Even after driving 500 or more miles a day behind the wheel of a Walmart tractor trailer, Eugene Coghill feels most alive in the saddle rolling out on a night ride to new destinations.
He takes full advantage of the added perk his trucking career allows by exploring new and sometimes unusual sites, such as his most recent ride to the notorious Attica State Prison in
upper state New York.
It was a chilly 45 degrees with a slight westerly breeze when he pedaled out over slight rolling hills with his bike headlight piercing through the dark.
Upon reaching the town of Attica he asked the only awake local he could find at the 7-11, for directions to the prison.
Two miles later the eerie glow of institutional lights came into view.  He reflected back on the countless movies and episodes of “Locked Up” that highlighted the life of those who reside there.
Upon reaching the front parking lot he took a few photos to add to his cycling adventures, before turning around and pedaling the 15 miles back to a warm truck that waited him.
He smiled at the thought that it takes a 30 mile bike ride, and a visit to prison to reinforce his desire to stay on the straight narrow.

Charles Hind Memorial Race 03/31/18

Today’s race was hosted by the Ar-en-Ciel Club of Rhode Island. They hold this race every year to raise funds for Chris Hind’s son. #Chrishinds. Tragically, fifteen years in the past, Mr. Hinds died young and left behind a young boy and a widow. Each year the club sponsors this race to collect money for a scholarship to provide for Mr. Hind’s son.

The race was on a closed course designed for challenging race. There are some hard turns to make in each lap. The course is less than mile. Thus, you will need to repeat it many times. Every turn must be made perfectly. Flat, but the wind comes off the ocean and hits you hard. The Ninigret state park is located in Rhode Island. It is the only state park to feature an area dedicated to bike racing. Several other events are held, here, during the year.

Thanks to New England Devo Team for the coffee. The parents were running a nice coffee and donuts stand at the race. Their team has become the premier juniors team in the Boston metro. See for more information about their team.


The Snowy Owl ride has been tentatively moved to Sunday on March 4 due to the inclement weather.   We will see the newly released Owl species as we travel across the sandy shores of Duxbury to the most remote part of Plymouth town.

For march 4 we are anticipating running our own Snowy Owl ride. You will need a mountain bike, gravel bike, or cross bike. If your road bike takes 28mm to 30mm tires, then it might work in less than optimal conditions. We will meet on Saturday in Duxbury at the Powder Point Bridge parking lot. We will roll out to the end of the land. There will be a photo stop for the Snowy Owls, if we find them.

We will roll at 9 AM on Sunday.  This is a 8-10 mile MTB ride.  Fatbikes recommended.  Coffee is at French Memories after the ride.

Please let us know your dates.  Some people want us to run the P2P in July.  There is interest in running our own P2P.  So members can ride the P2P with MS fundraiser and then ride it AGAIN with the club.

The tentative date for the Martha’s Vineyard Tour is May 24.  We will cancel, if there is heavy rain.  This is a 50 mi tour of the island.  We will take the ferry from Wood’s hole to the island.  We will circumnavigate the entire island and stop for lunch($$).  We will take the ferry back to the mainland at the end of the day.  This is an all day affair.  Pacing will be slow touring style.

The regular groups will start rolling from Halifax in April.  We will have two hours of light from 6 PM to 8PM starting in April.  The ride meets at the Cumberland Farms in Halifax.  This ride is extremely flat.  It is good for building camaraderie and speed work.  NO HILLS = EASY FAST 😉  We had a great pizza party at the new Cape Cod Cafe at the end of season in 2017. payment system

Thanksgiving 2017

Today’s thankgiving ride will be a ride to Duxbury. Approximately 30miles. Roll at 10am. You should be capable of maintaining a 16mph rolling average. We will visit the Myles Standish monument, a commeration of one of the pilgrims.

Starting Location – Hanson Shaw’s Supermarket 145 Liberty St, Hanson, MA

No coffee stop. Bring your thermos !!

Sun 11-12-17

We’ll ride from Norwell High School tomorrow (Sunday 11/12) starting at 10AM for the 30-mile ride to Scituate Harbor and back. Coffee stop in Scituate at the Dunkin’ Donuts. It’s gonna be a cold one, so we’ll stop as often as we need and not drop anybody. Nothing too fast as wind chill will be a factor. Good luck to us all. 🌬️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️