2017 Rides


Just a reminder we are always looking for new ideas. We encourage you to bring the ideas forward. Unlike other bike clubs we are very organic. We are constantly evolving and have a younger fresh membership. Many our of members like touring ideas. We also have those that want to ride hard and fast.

We try to make room for everyone!

For the next year in 2017 here are some of the things in the works.

Norwell rides 28-50 miles
Marshfield rides 30 miles
Hanson rides 30-50 miles
Duxbury rides 30 miles
Grist Mill in Plymouth for 35-80 miles
Westport 30-50 miles
Martha’s Vineyard Skunk Tour (50 miles)

If you have any questions or ideas then please ask someone! Send me an email at bill@billohara.com.

Bill O’Hara

Hanson ride 10-23-16 report

Tom, Mike, Tracy, Anand, Rob, Lauren, John, Pam, and Ilene
Tom, Mike, Tracy, Anand, Rob, Lauren, John, Pam, and Ilene

We will ride again next week! I hope to see a lot of people in Norwell on Saturday. The weather should be great for next weekend.  Many were hiding their SSB jerseys underneath those wind jackets due to the gusting winds.  Many brave souls braved the ride, today.  In the middle of the first picture Travis is wearing his podium jacket.

Mike giving the safety talk

We had a nice turnout. Riders included Don, Sean, Rob, Lauren, Vito, Tracy, Pam, Ilene, Mike,John, Tom, Chris, the other Don, Mohammed, Travis, Aruba Tom, Ian, and a few more. I was surprised that we had so many riders with the reports of a wind watch and such from the National Weather Service. There was a strong headwind on 105. A bunch did the 32 mile route. Others did the short route. The wind would gust at times.

We had a great coffeehour after the ride at the Dunkin’!

Thanks to everyone for making this a strong club.

Example of the podium jackets

Mike Togo will supervise another run of Podium Jackets. These are nice jackets to wear for the winter riding. We need a minimum of 5 to order. Mike will have the order closed within the week.https://www.dnacycling.biz/ssb/team-gear.html is the link to the club store.

I am wearing a 3XL. Many of the ladies and guys fit a large or perhaps a medium. These jackets do not run similar to the jerseys in cut. The jackets come in Race cut only. Therefore, you have to size up. Take a look at the sizing charts.

Bill O’Hara

Great Ride

We had a nice turnout.  A lot of people did 37 miles on the front group.  We added in some more bogs.  We rode a lot of new pavement.  Many thanks go to the various towns that repaved!  Fuller Street from Togoland to Cedar Street was awesome.

Some of the colors were awesome.  Plus, we saw a few bogs being flooded for the harvesting.  One field was under harvest during the ride.  Expect a few to be harvested during the ride on next Sunday.

We had 20+ riders.  Lots of women rode, today.  One of Mike(Hanson leader)’s goal has been to increase female turn-out.  We are an inclusive club! This includes Arvella, Becky, Diane, Tracy, Maria, Liz, Judy.  Becky set the QOM on the the Half Enchilada Strava Segment.  This is the portion of the ride from the start to Togoland.

We waited at the stop light on Rt 58 to regroup and pause for a few seconds.  Thankfully, we missed the accident that happened on Route 58 northbound.  A dolly went flying from a service station and hit a truck.  This could have been one of us.

Tracy, Mike, and Diane
Tracy, Mike, and Diane

We want to see if there interest in ordering another set of the podium jackets for warmer wear.  Please contact Bill.

Below is a picture of Greg on vacation with his wife.  Always wear your SSB kit.

Greg on vacation
Greg and Katy on vacation

10-16-16 Hanson ride

We are riding on Sunday.  We will do 30 miles.  There might be some interest in the 20 mile option.  We roll at 9AM, sharp.  We will meet for coffee after the ride in the Dunkin'(11AM).  We will trade pieces from the new kit after the ride in the Dunkin’.  If it doesn’t fit, then bring it with you.

Meet at the Shaw’s supermarket plaza in Hanson(470 Liberty Street).


This weekend 10-08-16

We will ride the Coastal route on Saturday.  We roll at 9 AM from the Norwell High School.

The Hanson ride is on Sunday at 9AM.  We roll from the Shaw’s Supermarket Plaza.  Check out the ride details page.  There is a map on Strava and you can export a TCX file.  Mike Togo has prepared cue sheets. The new route is different from the 2015-2016 route.  There was some road construction on the old route.  We will go on a new routing that features freshly laid pavement.



The Hanson Ride

The South Shore Bikers winter ride has started.  This ride is great for those that want to ride to the start.  New members are welcome.  It is easy to reach Hanson from towns such as Duxbury or Bridgewater.

Wear your new kit jackets!

See https://www.strava.com/routes/6667249 for the route file.  You can download a TCX from Strava to import into your Garmin.  You Garmin(touring, 820, or 1000) can provide turn-by-turn directions.

20160418_114058 - Copy
In front of one of the many cranberry bogs


The Hanson ride returns for the fall. We ride through the winter. Many days feature warm opportunities. 55F and a clear sunny day is a remarkable thing. Try it.

We will have 32mile and 20 mile loops for 10/9/16. We will have moderate and slower pace groups. On the following weekend we hope to have some longer distances with higher pacing; Bill will not be there on the 10/9/16 date.

See strava for a MAP and TCX file. The TCX file can provide turn by turn directions on your Garmin.

The address is 470 Liberty Street in Hanson. We park in the Shaw’s Supermarket Plaza. Look towards the eastern side of the parking lot.

We will roll promptly at 9 AM. Coffee will be after the ride.



Linda on the MS Global in New York State

Linda with Tyler Hamilton
Linda with Tyler Hamilton

Linda rode MS Global during the past week.   She raised a lot of money for the Multiple Sclerosis fund.  Vito was also riding as a crew chief.  The South Shore Bikers were well represented.

In the picture above was Tyler Hamilton with Linda. Linda would ride with him over the past 7 days.  Tyler Hamilton raced for gold in the Olympics.

Vito & Linda on top of Whiteface
Vito & Linda on top of Whiteface

MV Skunk tour 2016 recap

We had a great ride!  It started off, slow.  Two riders missed the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard.  To be true to our word we waited for them at Oak Bluffs.  We ride, together.  This is touring ride, anyways.

In the forest on one of the bikepaths
In the forest on one of the bikepaths

We rolled from Oak Bluffs towards the interior of the island.  We made a pass over the northern part of the Forest surrounding the island’s major airport.  From there we made some zig-zags to head towards South Road. We went over some nicely laid pavement.

The wind started to collect its forces against us.  There was a strong

Gayhead Lighthouse by Maria Mejia
Gayhead Lighthouse by Maria Mejia

headwind as rolled through Chilmark on the way to Aquinnah.  Combined with the high humidity it made a challenge.  We took a tour of Lobsterville but we did not take the bikeferry to Memensha.  We headed for Gayhead lighthouse.

We stopped at the restaurant overlooking the bluffs to regroup and eat somLadies in Aquinnahe hamburgers.  Afterall, it was national hamburger day!  We had a great tailwind on the return towards Chilmark.  Those miles ticked furiouslypast.  We went up Middle Road, which featured smooth pavement and a tailwind.

After the ride we stopped in Vineyard Haven for some ice cream at Murdicks.


Westport Ride

Save the date. We will have a touring ride of the South Coast on October 2. We will meet at the Westport Public Library.  Roll at 9AM, sharp.  Please advise us a headcount prior to the ride.

See https://www.strava.com/clubs/186760/group_events/119098?new=true for a map.

This route has a stop at a new coffee shop by the state line. We will also roll past Lee’s Market. The general store at Rock’o’Dundee is no more.