Club Century

Group on the Point in Marion
Group on the Point in Marion

Twelve rode the century routes on Saturday.  It was great.  The nice weather was fun.  We did not suffer in the impressive heat that found Thursday to be a challenge.  The temperature was around 65F.

We stopped at the diner in Wareham.  We found out that Ted 2 was filmed on site from Rob.

2 members rode their first century with us, today!!


Martha’s Vineyard May 2017 Trip Report

MV 2017 Aquinnah
MV 2017 Aquinnah

We learned a few things from this trip.

  • The Menenshma bike ferry never runs when you want it.
  • The Black Dog Cafe is a nice spot with a beautiful railroad car.
  • The boat never sells out for walk-ons and bikes.
  • Martha’s Vineyard is not flat.

The trip went well.  Almost everyone found the boat on time.  Most parked at the lot on Depot Avenue in Falmouth.  We biked down the Shining Sea bikeway towards Woodshole.  We picked up Gregg and Allison at the Locust Street parking lot.  Everyone purchased their tickets and we boarded the boat.

We rolled from Vineyard Haven to Oak Bluffs.  We passed the lighthouse at West Chop and the MV Hospital.  In Oak Bluffs we saw the gingerbread houses and the Flying Carousel.  No time to stop for coffee!

We rolled along a secret Ocippolini route into the middle of island devoid of cars and onto the bike paths around the Manuel Cornelius state forest. I saw that South road is under construction, again.  The pavement is constantly replaced and South road seems to take the brunt of the abusive New England winters.  We found a nice path through the woods of the state forest and avoided all of the drama of South Road.

We waited at the Alley General store and VP Mike went for coffee.  We had a nice break and we waited for a bit.  We headed on ward to Gayhead light.  We reached the town of Aquinnah.  Some of us went straight up the rollers, which were shorter.  Others went down the hill to Lobsterville and round the coastline of the peninsula.  We met at the Gayhead lighthouse on the Aquinnah reservation.

Next, we rolled eastwards into the east wind!!  Going downhill helped to preserve our average.  Eric was flying down some of the roads.  We had 3 guys pass our long line of 20 riders.  They were tired when they reached the top of the hill.  They promptly pulled over.  One of them started to puke.  Eric lead the line past them on the hill.  Perhaps we will see those speedies on another trip.

We reached Middle Road, which has become one of

Middle road profile
Middle road profile

my favorites!!  The pavement was smooth and the farm scenery is idyllic.  The road looks daunting to the uninitiated.  It has a bit of roll to it.  We regrouped at the end of the road.  We proceeded from there to the luncheon at the Black Dog Cafe.

See you next week at the club century.

05-07-17 update

Great ride, today! Everyone, you make SSB fun and special. I heard that Eric was the tunnel through the wind!!

Eric, Travis, Liz, Jen, Tracy, Ian did the 40miler.

Greg, Cory, Wes, Tom, Jeff, Steve, Vito, and Bill did the 50miler to the coast. Jeff was smoking. He can climb.

Allison, Wendy, Darlene,and Ilene did the 30 mile beginners ride. We found the keys!

Don’t forget MV is on Saturday. You must be ready to board the boat at 8:15AM. There will be plenty of room on the boat. The car spots are sold out, but there is unlimited room for bikes.


Upcoming rides

04-30 Crank the Kank
05-04 Grist Mill Plymouth 5:30PM
05-06 Norwell 8AM
05-07 Hanson 50miles 18+ & 16 8AM
05-10 Halifax Cumberland Farms Route 106&route 58 6PM
05-13 MV Tour
05-14 Hanson 50miles 18+ & 16 8AM
05-20 Club Social Century 100miles & flat. [50 mile option]

The club century is coming up on May 20!!  The Martha’s Vineyard ride is on May 13.  The Thursday night Grist Mill ride will be at 5:30, this thursday.  Rob will lead the ride.  It will be a great ride for medium paced riders(16).  Next week, our regular recurring Wednesday right starts in Halifax at 6:00pm.  Linda will lead the ride and this ride is women-friendly.

What a fantastic day! “Summer is here,” Travis said. The humidity rose, but we did well.

We had lots of people on the 30 mile route. VP Mike lead the b group. 2VP Allison lead the womens group.  Welcome to the new members!! We had 3 new guys and 2 new women riders.  Membership is over 85 paid for the year.

The front group did the 37 mile route and worked on pacelining.

Our very special Brian could not ride with us, today. He is busy training the next generation. Below is the picture of him with the boy scouts at the 9AM ride through Wompy!


Martha’s Vineyard Tour May 13 2017


We will ride the ferry over to MV for a 50 mile tour. We will meet at the Woodshole Ferry Building and take the MV Steamship authority to MV. We will stick together for a social ride to see the Island. This ride is spouse-friendly. We will have a lunch stop on the reservation in Aquinnah overlooking the water(food is on your own).

Go to Depot Avenue in Falmouth MA for parking.
Please park your bike at the bike path parking lot for the Shining Sea Trail. Ride to the Ferry Building. The bike path terminates at the Ferry Building. The parking on the bike path is free.

You must purchase a round trip ticket(good for both locations) and a bike ticket. Total cost is $25. It is $8.50 for each way plus $4 for your bike.

We will take the 8:15 boat to Vineyard Haven. We will be taking a 3:45 boat back to the mainland.

This is an all day ride. We will stop for lunch on the ride in Aquinnah.
Please RSVP.


Club Flat Century

17632156_10155200154709923_7156237476919269744_oWe meet at the Hanson Shaw’s Supermarket on May 20.  We roll at 8am.

We will stick together as a group and travel cranberry roads towards the south coast. We will stop for food at some general stores and covenience stores. This will be a 100 miler designed to get you going for the season. The elevation gain is actually less than the TFCE!

Allison and Mike will lead the 50 miler.

This ride will take time and we will stop at convenience stores along the route. Think of a social ride designed to get the 100 miles. We will aim to average 15 to 16mph. Think of this taking all day.
The 50 will start at the same time.

We will have a SAG vehicle.  Food purchases are on your own.

Upcoming rides 04-22-17