Grist Mill ride

We tried a new a new starting location on August 20.

Map of the route
Map of the route

We parked at the free municipal parking lot in Plymouth.  Yes, there is a free lot.  We went for a nice ride along many of the recently paved roads in the cranberry country. Somehow, OCipollini managed to find a number of fresh roads with low traffic counts.

The ride went along the infamous Billington Sea.  We headed into Myles Standish Forest.  There were a few mini-rollers in the Forest.  Most of them were on fresh and black tarmac.  We stopped at the Ranger’s station for a break.

We continued into the cranberry country and went past many of the cranberry bogs of Carver and Middleboro.  We went west and were close to the Lakeville line.  We were not too far from the other Cranberry route that we developed.

It was a great ride.  We went for coffee and sandwiches after the ride.  In the picture below Dan had disappeared.  Len took the picture.


Some of the group!
Some of the group!

Andy Brand raises nearly $200,000 with the PMC

Andy Brand was featured in the Boston Sun newspaper.  He has raised nearly $200,000 for charity via the Pan Mass Challenge over 17 years.  Our members ride for different charities through out the year.  Two members are riding for Multiple Sclerosis.  Please help them by making a donation.13913909_10207573581721115_7127047109673505084_o

You can make donations to Lina Adam’s MS challenge at  You can complete a secure transaction online to support the MS Global program.  100% of your contribution goes to Medical research and care for MS patients.

Climb to Clouds century

Here are some photos of the crew at the Climb to Clouds Century.  The century was a ride to the top of Mount Wachusett.  The CRW runs this century.  It has about 6,000 feet of climbing in 100 miles.  The climb to Mount Wachusetts is about 4 miles of hard climbing.

In this picture Wes is on the return to the start.


Mount Wachusett is one of the highest peaks in the eastern region of Massachusetts.  The tallest is Mount Greylock(you can pedal up that one). It hosts a ski resort during the winter.  The area is famous with hikers as well.

Here are Vito and Linda on the ascent of the mountain.20160717_103902 Here is Greg Buckley on the ascent.20160717_103541

Friday Night Time Trial results 07-22-16

Dan McCabe 27:35.8 #1  26.0mph
Dave McCutcheon 31:29.2 #2 22.9mph
Vito Visconte 31:44.1 #3 22.5mph
Robert Silvers 36:16.0 20.0mph
Travis Wenkalmen 36:16.9 19.9mph
Keith Naymie 37:31.7 19.1mph
Mike Borden 39:32.6 18.2 mph

Ladies Champion
Nikki Montanaro 44:19.0

Members found the course to have some challenges. The wind was unique to the course. The crosswind across the hay field slowed the direction of travel in both directions. The course was mostly north and south on one road.

The temperature was close to 90 Degrees. The humidity level was approximately 90%. This would also slow speeds. The higher humidity level increases air resistance.

In August we will try for a Time Trial on the Box in Middleboro, which is Precint, Thompson, Summer, and Plain streets.

Thanks for coming! I appreciate everyone’s hard work.20160722_185926